5 недвижимость на Caimari продажа

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дома на Caimari with Holiday license

Caimari, Village house with absolute privacy and spectacular views in Caimari

300 m²

855 m²


€ 899.000,-

дома на Caimari

Caimari, Renovated village house in the heart of Caimari with approved pool project

188 m²

340 m²


€ 625.000,-

квартиры на Caimari

Caimari, First occupation after renovation, apartment with beautiful roof terrace in Caimari

180 m²


€ 249.000,-

квартиры на Caimari

Caimari, Refurbished apartment in Caimari with 58 sqm roof terrace, first time occupation

162 m²


€ 225.000,-

квартиры на Caimari

Caimari, Beautiful ground floor apartment with 70 sqm terrace, for first occupation in Caimari

122 m²


€ 220.000,-


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на Caimari и окрестность:

Caimari belongs to idyllic municipality of Selva with about 3.000 inhabitants which is situated in the Tramuntana Mountains between Inca and the monastery of Lluc. The villages Moscari and Biniamar are also part of this municipality, while Caimari is famous all over Spain for its production of high quality olive oil.