4 недвижимость на Lloseta продажа

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коттеджи на Lloseta with Holiday license

Lloseta, Impressive building in Lloseta with 12-bed holiday rental license and 2 separate housekeeper areas

1.700 m²

29.230 m²


€ 1.550.000,-

дома на Lloseta

Lloseta, Centrally-situated residential/commercial building with 2 village houses, garden and balconies in Lloseta, require restoration

689 m²

544 m²


€ 875.000,-

коттеджи на Lloseta

Lloseta, Romantic finca with wonderful views and a pool in Lloseta

272 m²

1.952 m²


€ 595.000,-

земельные участки на Lloseta

Lloseta, Building plot in Lloseta in a prime location with the possibility to construct a residential building

1.198 m²

400 m²


€ 315.000,-


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на Lloseta и окрестность:

The town of Lloseta with 5988 inhabitants (2019) is on the foothills of the Tramuntana mountain range. It is the head of its same-named municipality. The northern and mountainous part of the municipality counteracts the flat southern part.
Lloseta was established in 1812 and branched off from Binissalem.
Due to the good infrastructure it is only 5 min away from the 3rd largest city on the island, Inca, and 20 min from the Palma.