11 недвижимость на Portocolom продажа

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коттеджи на Portocolom

Portocolom, Exclusive house in middle of the countryside

300 m²

19.800 m²


€ 965.000,-

дома на Portocolom exclusive

Portocolom, Enchanting beach house on the 1st sea line in the harbour of Porto Colom

280 m²

800 m²


€ 2.300.000,-

коттеджи на Portocolom new

Portocolom, Unfurnished, newly-built Finca with sea views, pool and oil-fired central heating-for rent

320 m²

16.700 m²


€ 1.900.000,-

виллы на Portocolom

Portocolom, Large mansion at Topp-position overlooking the harbor of Porto Colom

400 m²

1.060 m²


€ 1.300.000,-

дома на Portocolom

Portocolom, Town house on the 1st sea line in Portocolom

140 m²

110 m²


€ 995.000,-

квартиры на Portocolom

Portocolom, Beautiful apartments in the centre of Porto Colom

260 m²


€ 580.000,-

виллы на Portocolom

Portocolom, Charming house with 2 flats in the beautiful village of Porto Colom

200 m²

450 m²


€ 420.000,-

виллы на Portocolom new

Portocolom, Modern villa in a stylish residential complex in Portocolom

150 m²

250 m²


€ 409.000,-

квартиры на Portocolom new

Portocolom, Beautiful ground-floor apartment in a modern residential complex with sea views

100 m²


€ 340.000,-

квартиры на Portocolom reduced

Portocolom, Penthouse apartment with stunning sea views

85 m²


€ 260.000,-

квартиры на Portocolom

Portocolom, Great penthouse with dreamlike view over the harbor in Porto Colom

100 m²


€ 230.000,-


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на Portocolom и окрестность:

Porto Colom, in the southeast of the island attracts many boating enthusiasts from near and far due to the largest natural harbour of Mallorca. Fishing boats, motorboats, yachts and Majorcan traditional “llauts” are anchored side by side. Beautiful restaurants where you can eat fresh fish border the harbourside promenade. The atmosphere of this small old town irradiates calm and a Mediterranean flair. A charming village for spending magnificent holidays by the sea.