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Arta, Authentic majorcan property with historic finca, farm and diverse options in Arta

900 m²

5.430.000 m²


€ 9.000.000,-

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Arta, Wonderful country estate with exceptional views and ample possibilities in Arta

369 m²

254.349 m²


€ 5.500.000,-

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Arta, Finca with fantastic panoramic views near Arta

493 m²

34.105 m²


€ 3.950.000,-

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Arta, Charming hotel with 8 bedrooms and pool in Artà

1.145 m²



€ 3.400.000,-

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Arta, Traditional historical manor house near to Arta

362 m²

145.346 m²


€ 2.500.000,-

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Arta, Dream finca with mature trees and pool near Arta

600 m²

22.460 m²


€ 1.995.000,-

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Arta, Romantic finca on natural plot near Artà

270 m²

35.000 m²


€ 1.850.000,-

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with Holiday license

Arta, Two houses with 2 touristic rental licences on one finca, 2 minutes from the centre of Arta

331 m²

20.000 m²


€ 1.699.000,-

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with Holiday license

Arta, Wonderful Finca with pool and guest house in Arta with distant views over the bay of Canyamel

303 m²

14.206 m²


€ 1.690.000,-

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Arta, Characterful finca in Arta on a large plot with stables offering great potential

953 m²

90.000 m²


€ 1.200.000,-

дома на Arta

Arta, Charming townhouse-an attractive gem suitable for occupation throughout the year in the centre of Arta

286 m²

223 m²



дома на Arta

Arta, Wonderful, renovated town-house in the heart of Arta

132 m²

77 m²


€ 449.000,-


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на Arta и окрестность:

Artà is situated in the northeast of the island, a good part of the municipality is part of the natural park “Parque Natural de Llevant”. It belongs to the few municipalities of Mallorca that still have natural wide sandy beaches. About 7000 inhabitants live in the 140 km2 large municipality area. The landmark, the church of Sant Salvador with its thick walls, looks proudly down to the village and can be seen for miles around.