4 недвижимость на Bendinat продажа

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виллы на Bendinat newly-built

Bendinat, Sensational building plot with licence and project for a stunning villa near Golf Bendinat

600 m²

1.700 m²


€ 4.900.000,-

виллы на Bendinat newly-built

Bendinat, Sensational building plot with approved license and project for a breathtaking villa near to the Bendinat golf course

500 m²

1.500 m²


€ 3.900.000,-

виллы на Bendinat with Holiday license

Bendinat, Beautiful holiday villa with holiday rental licence, pool and sea views in Bendinat

263 m²

854 m²


€ 3.850.000,-

дома на Bendinat newly-built

Bendinat, A fantastic house project with a large garden in Old Bendinat

339 m²

1.200 m²


€ 3.200.000,-


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на Bendinat и окрестность:

Between Illetes and Portals Nous you can find the old part of Bendinat, an exclusively situated residential area with a nice little bay and beach. According to legend owes its name to King James I, who in the first days of the conquest of Majorca, after have a simple dinner of bread with garlic, declared: "be hem dinat", in english "we've eaten well". Bendinat Castle was built by the Marqués de la Romana in the XIX. century. Its style is neo-Gothic with European reminiscences and is situated between the old road and the west motorway. It is also worth pointing out the Golf Club, which together with a select residential area, represents one of the most elegant points in the municipality.