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Inca, Luxurious property in a prime location with separate annex building and wonderful garden in Inca

3.200 m²

89.000 m²


€ 5.900.000,-

коттеджи на Inca

Inca, Spacious luxury country house with panoramic views at the Tramuntana Mountains in the area of Puig de Santa Magdalena

971 m²

17.535 m²


по запросу

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Inca, Majestic 15th-century Mallorcan estate with a pool and exclusive spa area between Inca and Llubi

252 m²

28.900 m²


€ 3.450.000,-

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Inca, Country property with attractive investment possibilities with ample land and wonderful views in Inca

2.887 m²

450.372 m²


€ 2.950.000,-

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Inca, Traditional country property with main house and other separate houses near Inca

2.107 m²

39.086 m²


€ 2.750.000,-

виллы на Inca

Inca, Fantastic villa in an absolute quiet and privileged location, close to Inca

475 m²

9.400 m²


€ 2.575.000,-

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Inca, Large finca with sweeping views near Inca and Santa Magdalena

1.186 m²

14.786 m²


€ 2.500.000,-

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Inca, Enchanting country house in an idyllic, tranquil location with wonderful views of the Santa Magdalena mountain

353 m²

17.926 m²


€ 2.395.000,-

коттеджи на Inca

Inca, Luxurious finca with pool and large garden in Inca

789 m²

11.000 m²


€ 1.600.000,-

виллы на Inca

Inca, Palace-like chalet close to Inca with spa and views to the Tramuntana mountains

1.052 m²

445 m²


€ 1.500.000,-

коттеджи на Inca

Inca, Enchanting, beautifully-located finca with sweeping views in Inca

377 m²

15.724 m²


€ 1.200.000,-

коттеджи на Inca

Inca, Finca with stunning panoramic views and guesthouse in Inca

388 m²

7.030 m²


€ 1.200.000,-


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на Inca и окрестность:

Moscari is a picturesque village located in the central part of the island, nestled in the Tramuntana Mountains, and is known for its tranquil and natural surroundings. Moscari is surrounded by a beautiful landscape of olive groves, almond trees, and vineyards, offering magnificent views of the surrounding mountains.

The village itself exudes a charming and traditional Mallorcan character. Its narrow streets are lined with lovely stone and country houses, often adorned with flowers. In Moscari, you can also find some restaurants and cafes serving regional specialties.

Moscari's location makes it an ideal starting point for hikes and bike tours into the Tramuntana Mountains. Its proximity to the towns of Inca and Alcúdia also provides access to shopping, entertainment, and other amenities.

Moscari is an oasis of tranquility and beauty, offering its residents and visitors the opportunity to experience authentic Mallorcan living and fully immerse themselves in nature.