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Puigpunyent, Finca in Puigpunyent on a large plot with panoramic views and great privacy

164 m²

4.300 m²


€ 720.000,-

коттеджи на Puigpunyent

Puigpunyent, Idyllic Majorcan country house within the mountains and nature, only a few minutes away from Palma

210 m²

1.700 m²


€ 589.000,-

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Puigpunyent, Idyllic finca surrounded by nature in Puigpunyent

98 m²

16.815 m²



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Puigpunyent, Plot for sale with project and license granted in Puigpunyent

1.611 m²

227 m²


€ 250.000,-


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на Puigpunyent и окрестность:

Puigpunyent belongs to the typical villages of the Tramuntana and has developed in centuries and so created its own identity. The village has grown slowly also in the last years without any massive construction. In this place it appears that time has stopped so the calmness of the mountains can be enjoyed. The architecture of the village is very interesting by the diverse houses that are characterised by facades that are covered by the majority with natural stones of the mountains of the Tramuntana. The capital Palma can be reached in only 20 minutes. The properties here are in demand and the price level is high by the scarce offer.