9 недвижимость на Soller продажа

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коттеджи на Soller

Soller, Beautifully renovated finca and large plot of land with orange trees in Sóller

337 m²

5.154 m²


€ 2.650.000,-

коттеджи на Soller

Soller, Country house close to the sea in Port de Soller

240 m²

2.350 m²


€ 1.800.000,-

коттеджи на Soller

Soller, Two rustic houses on a plot offering ample privacy and panoramic views over the valley of Soller

332 m²

1.210 m²


€ 1.500.000,-

дома на Soller

Soller, Large house in the centre of Soller with inner patio, terrace and garage

384 m²



€ 1.100.000,-

дома на Soller new

Soller, Fantastic hpuse with garden in the centre of Soller

290 m²

270 m²


€ 825.000,-

дома на Soller

Soller, Centrally-located, spacious traditional house with patio and terrace in Soller

402 m²

186 m²


€ 800.000,-

дома на Soller

Soller, Refurbished, centrally located town house in Sóller

280 m²

105 m²


€ 790.000,-

дома на Soller reserved

Soller, Mallorcan house with a large garden in Soller

255 m²

657 m²


€ 699.000,-

дома на Soller

Soller, Centrally-situated village house with large roof terrace in Soller

156 m²



€ 670.000,-


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на Soller и окрестность:

Sóller is an attractive village on the northwest coast of Mallorca, famous for its big fields of orange and lemon groves. It is situated in a solitary valley, which in past times was very difficult to reach overland because of the terrain. From the sea there was an active trade to the Port de Sóller. The golden valley, as it is called, is well worth a visit especially on the local railway.