6 недвижимость на Costitx продажа

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дома на Costitx with Holiday license

Costitx, Stylish, Mallorcan village hotel in Costitx with fantastic sweeping views, central location, a small chapel and licinces

834 m²

2.489 m²


€ 2.400.000,-

коттеджи на Costitx with Holiday license

Costitx, Sophisticated finca-property in Costitx with large pool, fantastic views and touristic licence

519 m²

15.681 m²


€ 1.950.000,-

коттеджи на Costitx

Costitx, Charming finca with much feel-good ambience in a quiet location near Costitx, partly barrier-free

250 m²

9.445 m²


€ 980.000,-

дома на Costitx sold

Costitx, Modern, high-quality house in Costitx with excellent views, ample light, garden and pool

249 m²

208 m²



коттеджи на Costitx

Costitx, Romantic natural-stone finca with touristic renting licence in Costitx

100 m²

3.268 m²


€ 440.000,-

коттеджи на Costitx with Holiday license

Costitx, Beautifully renovated Finca near Costitx with holiday rent licence and pool for a fair price

115 m²

1.900 m²


€ 390.000,-


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на Costitx и окрестность:

Costitx belongs to the ancient Mallorca, located between Inca and Sineu and nowadays has some 967 inhabitants (2007). Besides relevant archaeological findings from the talajotic culture dated VI century, it is the site if Mallorca’s only astronomic observatory (planetarium). The center of the village is mostly characterized by houses of the XVII century. The surroundings, as well is all other places in the middle of the island, are mostly agricultural and belong to a region called 'Pla de Mallorca' (Plain of Mallorca).