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дома на Pina

Pina, Refurbished village house with pool, garage and breathtaking views in Pina

296 m²

195 m²


€ 1.190.000,-

земельные участки на Pina

Pina, Very large and sunny building plot in a central but quiet location in Pina

1.125 m²

1.274 m²


€ 397.000,-

земельные участки на Pina

Pina, Large building plot in a quiet location near Pina

15.679 m²



€ 160.000,-

земельные участки на Pina

Pina, Sunny building plot in a central location in Pina

302 m²

280 m²


€ 110.000,-


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на Pina и окрестность:

The small, authentic village of Pina with less than 400 inhabitants is part of the municipality of Algaida and belongs to the central area of the island of Mallorca-(pla). Amongst its places of interest is the parish church Sant Cosme i Sant Damia, the abbey and the well of Pina. The best-known landmark in this area is the 'Table-mountain of Randa'.
The renewal of the infrastructure around the village has meant that the capital Palma has come 'closer', and has made this tranquil village an ideal starting point for trips to Palma for shopping or work without losing its idyllic way of life.