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коттеджи на Orient newly-built

Orient, Authentic Mallorcan property from the XXI century in Orient with key-in-hand restoration and refurbishment project

720 m²

570.000 m²


€ 4.900.000,-

дома на Orient

Orient, Village-house in an idyllic location in Orient requiring complete renovation and offering ample possibilities

256 m²

148 m²


€ 235.000,-


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на Orient и окрестность:

The small mountain village of Orient belongs to the municipality of Bunyola and is found in the valley of the same name. It is surrounded by the beautiful Tramuntana mountain range and by one of the most fruitful landscapes in Mallorca. Time seems to have come to a halt in this very original village, and it lies there in the same way as 100 years ago, with its small alleys of stone steps and natural stone-faced houses. The church of Sant Jordi dates back to the 18th century. In the year 2008 Orient was declared cultural heritage. Similarly worth seeing are the houses of Cals Reis and Son Terrassa.